How Can Crowns And Bridges Can Improve Your Smile?

By Haimes & Weisberg Family Dentistry
May 04, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Dental crowns and bridges from your Ewing and Lawrenceville dentist restore your smile.

If you are missing a tooth, or face the prospect of tooth extraction due to a weakened tooth, you could benefit from dental bridges and crowns and bridgescrowns. These important dental restorations help you get your smile back, filling in the gaps and restoring broken or damaged teeth. Learn more about dental crowns and bridges with help from your Ewing and Lawrenceville, NJ dentist.

What are dental crowns? 
Dental crowns help stabilize, strengthen and preserve a damaged or weakened tooth. The porcelain crown itself is created in a dental laboratory from a block of tooth-colored ceramic. Crowns surround the tooth above the gumline, protecting the natural tooth from further damage while preserving the tooth’s structure below the gumline. Additionally, dental crowns restore the biting and chewing surface of the teeth.

What are dental bridges? 
A dental bridge replaces a missing tooth. The restoration is made up of several prosthetic teeth in a row with a dental crown or clasp on either side. Much like dental crowns, porcelain bridges are created in a dental laboratory from a block of ceramic which matches the color of your natural teeth. A permanent bridge uses crowns on the natural teeth surrounding the gap to anchor into place. A removable bridge uses metal clasps to attach to the surrounding teeth.

How do crowns and bridges work together to benefit my smile? 
If you have missing or damaged, weakened, misshapen or discolored teeth, you could benefit from crowns and bridges. Missing teeth come with many side effects such as teeth moving to compensate for the gap and bone atrophy. A dental bridge keeps the teeth in place and the bone beneath the gums stimulated, reducing the risk of these side effects. Dental crowns help preserve teeth which are at-risk for extraction. Together, these dental restorations work together to renew your smile both esthetically and functionally.

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